Mountaineering Training Centre Bavšica

The Mountaineering Training Centre Bavšica (Planinsko učno središče Bavšica) is the central training facility of the Alpine Association of Slovenia (Planinska zveza Slovenije), which provides training for mountain guides, mountaineering group mentors, youth leaders, and other mountaineering staff. The mountains around Bavšica abound in trailless terrains of various difficulty grades and are an ideal test site for all who wish to improve their mountaineering skills and upgrade their knowledge of all mountaineering-related activities.

Originally, the Bavšica Centre only ran courses for voluntary mountain guides and mountaineering educators, but with time more and more activities of the Alpine Association of Slovenia have been organized in the Bavšica valley. Besides the above-mentioned training programmes, the Centre has also run courses for trail markers, mountain nature protectionists, cycle-touring instructors, and navigation instructors.

The Bavšica Centre is owned by the Alpine Association of Slovenia, and managed by the Association’s professional service and Youth Commission. In addition to courses, the Centre hosts various camps which are either organised by the Alpine Association of Slovenia or by its many Alpine Clubs. The lodge is available for rent, but only for the purpose of educational activities, which support the mission of the Centre as the provider of mountaineering education training programmes.


The Mountaineering Training Centre Bavšica provides:

  • 39 beds in six bedrooms,
  • a large conference hall with all the needed audio and visual equipment.
  • a small conference room where group work is carried out and activities are planned and prepared;
  • a fully-fitted kitchen which can produce up to 50 meals
  • the required storage spaces and common rooms,
  • 6 additional beds in the ‘winter room’ to accommodate guests.

The temporary sports field behind the Mountaineering Training Centre Bavšica can be used for volleyball, football, or certain social games. Near the Centre is a mountaineering learning site featuring a secured trail and several low-grade climbing routes. See more photos in the photo gallery.

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